Solar Systems for Home and Business across South Africa

  • High Quality Solar Panels with 25+ year lifespan
  • No more load shedding worries
  • Premium Solar PV Systems with SABS approval at affordable rates

Is load shedding hampering your daily life? Is load shedding causing production at your business? Is it impossible to get an Eskom connection? You don’t have to be in the dark anymore! Our network of Solar Solution Experts offer:

  • Modern high-quality Solar solutions at an affordable price
  • Professional installations that are in compliance with SANS and SSEG standards
  • SABS-approved equipment with a 15 – 25 year lifespan.

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Homes and Businesses Solar Panel PV Systems are cheaper and more obtainable than ever before.

The most straightforward solution is a battery and inverter system, which may meet your needs for electricity over a short period of time to avoid the hassles of load-shedding. However, if you use grid electricity to recharge it, you’ll pay the same price for grid electricity and an extra premium for infrastructure to store it and use it in the event that the grid isn’t operating as it should. For this reason, it makes sense to spend money on photovoltaic solar panels that convert sunlight into electricity. Whether you merely want to recharge a battery that delivers power during load-shedding or you’re considering totally migrating to off-grid energy.

With recent technology breakthroughs, installing a solar energy system is now much more affordable than you might think. Modern PV panels have a far longer lifespan than they did in the past now typically lasting at least 15 years and some models come with a 25-year warranty, making them the perfect long-term solution for load shedding and increasing energy tariffs.

Load-shedding solutions for Homes and Businesses

Setting up a system only to meet your necessary power needs during load-shedding can make sense in some situations, especially when on a tight budget. The system can be scaled up to a full solar system by adding solar panels and more batteries as funds become available.

For reference, an approved installation of a backup solution that would provide 4–6 hours of power would cost approximately R90,000 for low-use families, R100,000 for medium-use households, and up to R150,000 for high-use homes. A battery backup will smoothly transition to backup power in the event of a grid outage.

Installing a backup solution that can be expanded into a full solar solution at a later stage has become increasingly popular in South Africa.

More info on the latest power backup for home prices.

Home Solar Panel PV System installations across South Africa

A home solar system needs to provide enough electricity to meet all of the needs of a house. It should also be able to supply AC power, as AC electricity is typically used in houses to power lighting systems, electronics, appliances, and tools including computers, mixers, fans, air conditioners, TVs, and music systems.

Essential components of a Home Solar System

A home or business Solar System comprises several components namely: 

  • Solar panels to harness the power of the sun
  • A battery to store the energy when it is not being used and to store it for when no energy is produced.
  • An inverter to convert the current from DC to AC
  • A Charging regulator to regulate the energy coming from the solar panels.
  • Cabling and Distribution board to connect all these components together

One needs all these components to work together in a safe and reliable manner and we recommend that you use a professional for the design and installation of your solar system. Want to know how much your solar installation might cost? Follow this link for the latest Solar Panel Prices.

Business Solar Panel PV System Installations across South Africa 

The energy that comes from the sun is abundant, dependable, renewable and almost pollution-free. It is also the cleanest energy source currently known to man. Commercial buildings, including offices, workshops and factories, mostly rely on electricity for their energy needs. Solar systems are a great option for the majority of commercial buildings because they don’t require much energy storage as offices and other commercial buildings generally use a lot more energy during the day than at night.

Here are a few reasons Solar Systems for Businesses are becoming popular so quickly:

  • Reduced operational costs
  • Great Return on investment 
  • Protects your business against load shedding
  • Low Maintenance as solar systems have no moving parts
  • Lower initial cost due to technological advances 
  • Improved Brand Image and lower carbon footprint
  • Ever-rising cost of electricity

Whatever your reasons are for installing a Solar System contact Solar Energy Installers and we will connect you with a leading Solar Energy installer in you area.

Solar Energy Pros and Cons

Solar energy offers both advantages and disadvantages. Finding an energy solution that is right for you is crucial, and seeing if solar energy can fit into your lifestyle is a top priority. Here are some things to think about while choosing the best form of energy source for you.

Advantages of Solar Energy:

  • Lowers your Electricity Bills
  • Green and Environmentally Friendly Energy Source
  • Moves you Closer Towards Energy Independence
  • Sustainable energy source
  • Low Maintenance due to no moving parts
  • Benefits the Electricity Grid by removing load
  • Offers a solution for load shedding problem

Disadvantages of Solar Energy:

  • Expensive Initial Investment
  • It Won’t Work at Night without battery storage 
  • Expensive and Limited Energy Storage 
  • Space Constraints with Panels taking up a large area
  • Isn’t 100% Pollution-Free

Why Choose a Solar Energy Installers partner for your solar Panel PV System installation?

Finding a reputable supplier and installer might be difficult when choosing a firm to install a solar system. We at Solar Energy Installers have chosen only top-tier South African Solar Solution providers, making it simpler for you to locate a dependable business. 

Our partners are:

  • Our Partners are vetted leading solar suppliers 
  • Customer Satisfaction is the number one priority
  • All work is done in compliance with South African SANS and SSEG standards 
  • Our partners don’t just meet the standards, they exceed them
  • All Products used are in compliance with SABS standards.
  • Great transparent long-term Guarantees. 
  • Knowledgeable and experienced solar technicians
  • Advice on financing options to fit your budget

frequent asked question

Solar energy uses the sun’s rays to generate renewable or “green” energy. The most common method of utilising solar energy is through photovoltaic cells, commonly referred to as solar panels. In some solar power plants, they are positioned edge-to-edge on a sizable area of arid ground.  Additionally, you will see these panels on the rooftops of houses and other buildings. The cells are made from semiconductor materials. The sun’s rays hit the cells and cause the electrons in their atoms to be knocked loose enabling electrons to flow around freely inside the cell and generate electrical energy.

There are also solar thermal systems that use the sun’s energy to heat water or other liquids. These heated liquids can then be used to heat a building or to turn a turbine that generates power through the use of steam.

In general PV cells or photovoltaic cells will be used when generating electricity on a small scale like for home or business solutions. 

The cost of a Solar System will vary depending on the intended purpose of the Solar System and the requirements of the Solar system. Let’s look at a few pricing scenarios:

The cost of a grid-tied no storage solar system

A grid-tied system with 6 solar panels and an inverter but with no batteries that are able to produce 2kW in good weather conditions will cost between R55,000.00 and R65,000.00 supplied and installed.

 We do not recommend this solution with the current electrical situation in South Africa as it does not protect you from load shedding.

The cost of a hybrid system with some storage

A 6-panel system with an inverter/charger and 5kWh of battery storage will cost between R120,000.00 and R150,000.00 supplied and installed depending on the battery type selected.

The cost of an off-grid Solar System.

An off-grid system capable of producing 20kWh daily with built-in redundancy will cost between  R230,000.00 and R300,000.00 depending on the battery type.

If you are interested in a Solar System for your house or business and would like to know what will work for you and how much it will cost. Contact (company name) today and we will connect you with a leading Solar Installer in your area. They will discuss a solution with you and provide you with an obligation-free quote